Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Green Rocking Chair

While preparing for Emma's arrival Dad and Con bought us this great new gilder for the nursery. When it finally arrived I would sit and rock while thinking about how much our lives were about to change. Once she was born I spent many nights in that chair rocking her back to sleep. Then she grew older and we would read stories together as she was curled up in my lap.

Then the chair moved to Averie's room. Before she was born Emma and I would go in her room and turn out all of the lights. She would press the button on her new musical aquarium and dance around the room as I thought about how much our lives were about to change.

Lately, I've been sitting in that chair all by myself.  It's been my thinking chair, my "everything will be alright" chair, my peace.  I've been curling up in a ball while I think about my last little sister moving to greener pastures (TX) and how much our lives are about to change once again.
Allie and Danny are expecting their first little one in July in CO.  They are far away and I miss them and miss seeing my little sister grow in anticipation of her first little girl.  I've been there.  I want to share my "wisdom."  I offered to let her use the Green Rocking Chair for a while.  We figured we would get it to her when she comes out to her shower in May.  Turns out they picked it up yesterday instead because Danny's grandparents are heading there with a truck large enough to carry the Green Rocking Chair.
I was surprised at my reaction.  I was sad to see it go because I wasn't ready to be the mom without a rocking chair.  (My other two rocking chairs in my front yard were stolen so I am rock-less)  Was I ready to have two girls that are passed the stage of sitting in my lap, reading stories, or cuddling?  Turns out I didn't have a choice.  The Green Rocking Chair was heading to CO and I didn't have time to ponder or grieve. 

 It was a gift.  Now that I am on the other side I feel stronger.  I feel like the Green Rocking Chair served it's purpose and is now called to it's own new pasture.  I love the idea of Allie rocking in it while she thinks about how much her life is about to change.  Allie and Danny rocking it in with their new baby girl Finley.

  I know it's not good-bye, but see you later.  Perhaps the Green Rocking Chair will rock my grandbabies someday?  All I do know is it's time to ROCK doesn't wait:) 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Teddy Bear Tea

Emma celebrated her Pre-K Teddy Bear Tea today!  So much fun to be able to be around the kids at Emma's school.  Here are some of my favorite pics of her classmates:)

Merry Christmas from our Home to yours

We wanted a snow day....I mean like REALLY want a snow day....we decided to get out the rake and try to jump into a leaf pile.  Our pile was was we decided to draw snowmen on the fence..and put up Christmas lights haphazardly all over the trees and bushes.  We will try our best to make it look like Christmas:)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010



This was everything they said it would be and more.  We left Avy Baby behind with Auntie AJ and had a special trip just with mom, dad, and Emma.  It was so much fun!  2 1/2 hour drive up to Williams, AZ.  We spent the night at the hotel and had dinner and then breakfast the next morning. 

This is when Santa actually came to our "car."  She was so excited...magical I tell you!  MAGICAL!

Stuffington Bear Factory

Here is Emma's Class with the 500+lb teddy bear!

Emma with some of her pals from class

The girls:)

We learned why a Teddy Bear is called a Teddy Bear.  Lots of good questions.

They could pick a brown or black bear or a blue bird....
YUP....she picked a blue bird:)

Sew that one up:)

Air bath for Abby the bird.

At last....we are done:)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Doe's...Yeeehawww!

Today Jared and Marcie announced their move to Frisco, TX this February.  McDowell Mountain Community Church has been home to Jared for much of his adult life.  Don, his father, planted the church in the mid 90's and it's continued to grow and change since then.  Don married Steve and I. Emma and Averie were dedicated here.  I look forward to the community it brings each week and I am so very thankful that I have found it. Jared has always said that he wants to plant new churches, just a matter of time.  I have no doubt in my mind that this is the right move for their family.  Knowing how right it is doesn't take away the sadness that I have in my heart. 
My little sister Marcie and I have grown together as sisters in a way that I could have never imagined over the past few years.  Every Tuesday night we meet up with a group of amazing women.  We have laughed, cried, been inappropriate, but most importantly...we've been accountable to one another in our faith.  This is a new thing for me.  Something tugging at my heart for a while.  I finally took the step to learn more about God and the relationship that he wants to have with us.  I am constantly in awe about what he has done in my life and what is to come.  It still doesn't take away the sadness that I have in my heart.
Having the gift of being close to your family is such an incredible blessing.  Watching Sophia and Micah interact with my children is something that I have cherished every chance I've been lucky enough to have.  I know that this is a temporary gift and that soon they will be sharing their light in another state.  I know that Jared and Marcie will bless so many people and that we can't keep them here all to ourselves.  It still doesn't take away the sadness in my heart. 
Marcie has left me with something that I can never repay her for.  Memories that I will never forget.  Faith that has become stronger so she can move on and instill it in others.  I am beyond sad, but so thankful for this gift.  I love you Doe's.  I can't wait to see this next chapter unfold. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Friday nite at Joe's

I kept teasing my pal Krisit that I hadn't seen her new place.  We live pretty close and she thought Smores by the fire would be fun.  We had such a great time and LOVE our people:)

Calvie and mommy contemplating life by the fire




SCARY...Jared and Joe

The man!

Luke's socks...Laura and Ryan had to help me so I could take a pic...

Averie loved the ice


Averie loves JOE!