Monday, October 27, 2008

At Trunk or Treat on Sunday we let Sophia tool around the parking lot in a walker. It's kind of dark, but she had a ball! It was so funny to watch!

Trunk or Treat #1

Candy Land! We are the game pieces...hence our outfits:)

We recreated the game board...tons of time and effort....

Uncle Jared getting dunked:) Steve got him on his second try:)

Emma kissing Sophia

Trunk or Treat #2

Our Family at Trunk or Treat
Luke, Daulton, and Emma

Sophia and Ashleigh

The Doe's

Ashleigh's Senior Homecoming!

All of the sisters:)
Welcome to the JUNGLE!

Alexandra and Marcie doing her hair

Daddy and the Elastic band

My dad got the bright idea of tying an elastic workout band around my is some footage:)

Alexis' birthday!

Devin and more Grandpa

Alexis opening her gifts

Happy Birthday to you!

Girl talk

Birthday Cake

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's been a while!

On Tuesday the 14th we went to see one of Marcie's old pals sing at Martini Ranch. Marcie got to talk to her and catch up quickly. She had a song on Grey's Anatomy on the show that aired on the 9th. Her name is Erin McCarley....she has a Facebook page.
Emma and I met Robin and little Calvin at the zoo on the 14th. It was so nice out and even a bit too cold to go into the water:) It's 94 degrees again though...don't worry!

Here is Emma at Leslianne and Richards wedding on 8-08-08. It's my favorite one of her there....TWIRL!