Monday, September 15, 2008

Emma singing Sophia song

We had a slumber party at Aunt Koo Koo's all weekend. Marcie and Jared went to CA for the weekend so we got to keep Sophia at our house. We had a blast. Emma and Sophia woke up Saturday morning-here they are hanging out:) It's the Sophia song:)

Slumber Party!

Emma loved putting Sophia in her playhouse. She kept throwing toys in there so Sophia wouldn't come out. Sophia is so awesome! They played together really well and I got practice with 2 kids!

Thanks to my pal Britt the girls were entertained by this toy all weekend...the door bell is awesome!

Marcie, Auntie Aley, and Aunt Koo Koo all went with Sophia to build a bear for her birthday. Marcie came up with the idea to sing the Sophia song to a sound chip. We sound like chip munks, but I think Sophia will love it. Don't tell her though...her birthday isn't until Thursday!

Monday, September 8, 2008

We were watching Ellen and she had the Jonas brothers on today. She loved how they sang into their microphones. I was cracking up watching her! I love the face...American Idol here we come!!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Pointe Squaw Peak

We went to the Pointe Resort on Friday night to enjoy the cool pools and lazy river. Although they closed the cool attractions at 6:00PM!!!! We still enjoyed our time. Here is Emma with Steve in the little pool.
Alexis and Todd came over to enjoy our place for the night and had chicken fights with Emma and Steve....
Then it was time for bed....MELT DOWN!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day!

Scott and Christy had us all over for Labor Day. Lala, Alex, and Marcie went for the dessert before they were supposed to and I caught them sneaking!

Here is Danny Pan and Sophia....she wrapped her legs around his funny!

Danny, Marcie, and CJ all wore the same shirt....I printed them:)
Thanks Scott and Christy!