Thursday, November 20, 2008

Flashcards with Daddy

Emma and Daddy love to play flashcards. Steve bought a few sets, but decided that it would be best if he made them up so they were more relevant. She can name numbers, letters, family names, and now he is starting on phrases like I LUV U. It's so much fun to watch them together and see what a sponge Emma...she soaks up the knowledge so quickly. She also yells at our dog Java for biting a flash card and that is always a funny sight:) You will be blessed with Java's behind at the end...literally...THE END!

Rootbeer Floats!

Daddy, Emma, and Mom made Rootbeer Floats for fun...she kept asking for more!


Halloween at the Cowden Casa! #1

Emma put on Auntie Aly's boots


Trick or Treat!

Sophia and Emma giggling in the wagon....GOOD TIMES!

Halloween at the Cowden Casa! #2

Cousin Richard was "a ton of money" See Devin the monkey in the background???

Such a funny costume!

Here is Emma wtih our neighbor Kyle....

Feed me!!!!!!!!

Halloween at Scottsdale Learning Center

Apple Juice!

Emma and the parade.....

Going down the slide...

Here is Karie, Emma, Trystan, and Tizzie....


Emma loves to have her mom put the towel on her head after her shower...yes, she prefers showers!

Emma's Big Bed!

Emma is in a big girl bed now...Auntie Aly...notice her blanket:) We have a convertible crib so the front part comes off and it becomes a day bed. She calls it her big girl bed and she loves it!

Here she is checking it out....

Before picture:)