Friday, December 17, 2010

Teddy Bear Tea

Emma celebrated her Pre-K Teddy Bear Tea today!  So much fun to be able to be around the kids at Emma's school.  Here are some of my favorite pics of her classmates:)

Merry Christmas from our Home to yours

We wanted a snow day....I mean like REALLY want a snow day....we decided to get out the rake and try to jump into a leaf pile.  Our pile was was we decided to draw snowmen on the fence..and put up Christmas lights haphazardly all over the trees and bushes.  We will try our best to make it look like Christmas:)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010



This was everything they said it would be and more.  We left Avy Baby behind with Auntie AJ and had a special trip just with mom, dad, and Emma.  It was so much fun!  2 1/2 hour drive up to Williams, AZ.  We spent the night at the hotel and had dinner and then breakfast the next morning. 

This is when Santa actually came to our "car."  She was so excited...magical I tell you!  MAGICAL!

Stuffington Bear Factory

Here is Emma's Class with the 500+lb teddy bear!

Emma with some of her pals from class

The girls:)

We learned why a Teddy Bear is called a Teddy Bear.  Lots of good questions.

They could pick a brown or black bear or a blue bird....
YUP....she picked a blue bird:)

Sew that one up:)

Air bath for Abby the bird.

At last....we are done:)